For many years Sarasota Dance Academy has provided students with the exciting performance experience of a dance recital. The recital—that semi-annual staple of the dance school—conjures images of childhood and Americana for many. This event fills students with anticipation, nerves, and excitement. It’s a rite of passage for thousands of youngsters, a chance to shine in front of family and friends. The recitals offers our students a professionally directed performance that demonstrates hard work, dedication, and progress.


Learning through performance is a big part of dance training. Although performance opportunities can help prepare some students for a possible career in dance, they also contribute to all children’s success in non-dance activities. The performing experience helps build self-esteem and self-confidence and can result in better in-school presentations, improved social skills, and strong interview skills for future college or job opportunities.


The rehearsal process is a tremendous learning experience as well. This helps the children develop retention skills and, by working with their classmates on a group performance, they learn the positive aspects of working as a team to create the best

end result. Dedication to recital commitments is the responsibility of both students and parents. This commitment pays off with a rewarding experience for all involved. We look forward to wonderful performances that your whole family will love.



Featuring our hardworking cast of students.

Coming soon!


Riverview High School

1 Ram Way, Sarasota, FL 34231



Tickets will go on approx one month prior to the performance.

Adult: $20-25 Online, $30 at the door.

Student (K-12): $15

Child (Under 5): $10