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*Now enrolling for 2023-24 School Year Season!

Little ones have so many special people in their lives, and we welcome any one of

them to assist during class. That means you too Daddy!


30 minute weekly creative movement classes. This program is the perfect introduction for your curious child. Themed classes encourage class participation, focus and confidence that prepare them for our Petite Dancers Program! Filled with music, movement, dance, tumbling, props, games & lots of fun, each session is created to help develop your child’s physical and mental growth. Boys and girls welcome! Students must be 1.5 years of age by the start of the session.

SEASON DATES August 14th - June 15th



1.5-3 YEARS - MOMMY & ME
Saturday 9:00-9:30am

$46/mo (August -June)



For your convenience, tuition can be paid by the session or broken into eleven equal payments (August - June). These tuition payments are based on the total number of meetings in the session and divided equally. Payments are made on the first day of each month during the season.  There is no registration fee for any Mommy & Me class. The prices below are the monthly installment total for each month. 

30-MIN WEEKLY CLASS $46 x11 installments

*Are we in the middle of a session? Sign up now and we'll prorate tuition for the remaining classes. Based on class availability.

Mommy & Me classes set students up for success in class on their own in the future. Students enrolled in the Mommy & Me do not participate in either SDA Showcase, however, we encourage you and your little mover to come to our shows! They will be inspired to take on the challenges in the coming levels and eager to get back into the studio. 


1. Create an account with a valid email address and information. Sign
new updated SDA Policies and Waiver.

2. Enter the Credit Card that you want to have on file for payment processing.

3. Register for classes.


*ONLY your first monthly installment payment will be processed at the time of registration.


Any attire that boys and girls can move easily in without restriction. For boys, cotton shorts and shirt are recommended. For girls, dance leotards are recommended; skirts should be attached. Bare feet or the appropriate style shoes may be worn (i.e ballet, tap, jazz shoes).

For Mommy & Me classes, adults should wear comfortable active wear to each class. Bare feet or socks may be worn.

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