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By enrolling, you are agreeing to adhere to these and the full written policies.


1.  A $50 Enrollment Fee ($80 max per family) is due at the time or registration.

Students registering receive their uniform leotard FREE (x1 per season/year). *Does not apply to Non-Recital Program or summer classes.

2.  For your convenience payments include, yearly tuition, performance fees for all performances, all costumes: Winter costume rental or purchase and the purchase of your child’s spring costumes for the Spring Showcase. Tuition Payments are based on a yearly fee and broken into equal payments due monthly (August-June). Tuition is not to be pro-rated due to holidays or missed classes. No refunds are given for tuition.


3. Auto Payments for tuition will process on the 1st of each month. Payments that cannot be processed before the 8th day of each month will incur a $25 late fee. If you need another day up through the 7th of the month for payment to be withdrawn, you can choose in your Parent Portal. No exceptions will be made for late payments unless prior arrangements have been made with our office. We understand that circumstances arise, but arrangement request cannot be habitual. Accounts are allowed two special arrangements request per year. If accounts exceed two request a late fee will apply.  


4. It is your responsibility to keep a current and active card on file. If payments are not able to be processed due to an inactive or expired card, a late fee of $25 will apply within two days if not corrected when notified via email. NSF fee: $25.


5. A 30-day written or emailed withdrawal notice is required in advance of a student ending lessons, before the end of the Season. The Tuition Payment will still be owed for that month. The student may continue classes during that month the notice was given for.  If a student abruptly withdraws from the program without notice given, all fees will still be due for that month. If it is in the middle of a month, all tuition payments and fees are due for that month and the next month following. There are no refunds given on tuition payments that have already been made, in part or in whole.


6.  A working email address must be provided to register and activate the account. SDA will send communications through email to the account holder. Account statements, newsletters and other information will be delivered to you via email. You understand that it is the account holder’s responsibility to review all statements and all information that is emailed throughout the year. If other responsible parties need to be updated with Newsletters and information, you can provide us with a 2nd email.


7. You agree and understand the importance of reading each Newsletter and/or email that is sent, as they contain valuable information pertaining to the students dance education and commitments that both student and parent have with the studio.


8.  All students must adhere to SDA’s Uniform and hair dress code. A regulation leotard (provided) and other dress code attire must be worn to all classes. Hair for all classes MUST be worn in a secure bun or ponytail (depending on the genre). If hair is too short, it must be securely pulled off the face with no fly-aways. Students who are not properly dressed for class will not be able to participate. I also understand that as a parent it is my responsibility to uphold the dress requirements and make sure that your child is prepared for class.  


9.  Punctual and consistent attendance is expected of all SDA students. Students who arrive late for class may be asked to sit and observe if a valid excuse is not given by the parent for the tardiness. Habitual absences not only affect the student's ability to learn and progress, but it also affects the class as a whole and the ability to prepare dances and move forward with all students maintaining the same level of skill.


10. If a student has to miss a class it is encouraged that the student makes up any classes missed. No refunds or credits are given for any missed classes.

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